Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot noir were imported from france and Riesling and Gewürztraminer from Germany.

By 1941, 30,000 bottles were already produced annually.

He brought plants from Germany and France in lead capsules in order to avoid having them wilt during their journey through the tropics.

The famous Bocksbeutel or Caramayola was imported from Germany.

Between 1879 and 1883, Francisco Undurraga Vicuña began to plan the winery Project.
The Founder bought the Wood in which the weapons to fight the Pacific War were packed in from the Chilean Army.
The wood was oak and originated from Bosnia. It was used to make the casks the company started out with.



In 1885 Viña Undurraga was founded. The estate were named “Fundo Santa Ana” in honor of his wife Mrs. Ana Fernández de Íñiguez.

The first harvest was carried out by winemaker Monsieu Pacoteaux.

Around 1890, the grounds of the winery began to be designed and constructed task which was led by the famous French landscaper Mr. George Henri Dubois. Trees such as Lebanese Cedar, Tropical Ceibo, Redwoods, Date Palms, Japanese Maple, and other species were planted.


First Exports & Awards
At the beginning of 1900, the winery expanded and the two wings adjacent to the original wine cellar were built.

Rhin de Undurraga won the first international prize in the Centenario Argentina International Fair


El Pinot Undurraga obtiene su primer premio europeo de renombre mundial con Medalla de Oro en la Expo Sevilla


In 1903, Viña Undurraga became the first Chilean winery to export to the U.S. delivering 1 box of Pinot to each of the 45 existing states at the time.


Export to Latin America began mainly to Colombia and México.


Mr. Pedro Undurraga Fernández joins the winery’s management team and becomes the pioneer of Chilean wine exports.


400.000 boxes were produced per year, part of which was exported to 60 countries.


Decades of distinguished visitors

In 1965 the King and Queen of Belgium, Balduino I and Fabiola de Mora y Aragón, visited Undurraga.


The King of Norway, Olaf V visits the winery.


The production of sparkling wines begins.

In 1965 French Actor Alain Delon visits Viña Undurraga.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, visits Undurraga.


The Prime Minister of Isreal, Golda Meier, visits Viña Undurraga.


Decades of distinguished visitors

Among the people attending the luncheon were César Gaviria, Colombia President, Juan Carlos Wasmosy, Paraguay President, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, Bolivia President, Alberto Fujimori, Perú President and Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize of Literature.


A welcome luncheon is held at Viña Undurraga for the president-elect of the Republic of Chile, Patricio Aylwin Azócar.


Bodega del parque wine cellar was built

Birth of GVP (Grupo de Vinos del Pacífico) formed by Viña Undurraga, Talagante International Brands and Bodega Volcanes de Chile.


In 2007, the Bodega del Parque was built, with technology intended for the production of premium wines.
As of 2006 Viña Undurraga acquires new estates for production in Leyda, Almahue and Cauquenes, adding a little more than 900 hectares to its own vineyard production.
Currently, with its new bottling plant located in Talagante, the same place where the Viña was founded, it has invested in the development of brands such as Aliwen, Sibaris, T.H. - the most awarded range of wines in Chile - Founder's Collection, our icon Altazor and our diverse line of sparkling wines; all of which faithfully represent the values of Undurraga both in Chile and around the world.


Nave 20 was built with the incorporation of state-of-the-art tanks converting Undurraga into one of the most high-tech wineries in the region.